Message from our Headmaster:

We get excited when I look at the meaning of the word “Potential”


What energy can you release that is locked up inside of you because of your chosen journey at Elandspark School ?

We need your potential; because it is driving energy waiting to be released;

Creative Power waiting to be discharged

It’s a leader trapped in a follower

It’s a journey you can travel but you have not yet travelled it yet

It’s all you are capable of doing but you haven’t done it yet

Find your true potential and enjoy the journey with us as we walk together at "Elandspark School" 

Welcome to our website!


I will love and serve God and my country.
I will honor my language and not use bad words.
I will be friendly, helpful and obedient towards my parents, educators and other learners.
I will keep my body and clothes clean and neat.
I will keep my books, desk, classroom and school grounds clean.
I will care for my friends and will not fight with them.
I will not steal from anyone, or damage their belongings.
I will not tell lies, my word is my honor.
I will regularly attend school and try my best.
I will live out our school’s motto.



At Elandspark school  we have excellent support in the form of our sponsors. We are so proud and thankful to be associated with these sponsors.  

Our vision and mission forms the backbone and guidance by which we go about our daily business at Elandspark School.

Relationships are important at Elandspark School. We encourage healthy interaction and clear definite goals with great Spiritual guidance.